Where to win on Social Media in the Gaming Industry

We tracked 500 Gaming pages in Q4 of 2016 to see who was winning on social media, and how.

Where to win on Social Media in the Gaming Industry

We tracked 500 Gaming pages in Q4 of 2016 to see who was winning on social media, and how.

Whilst the industry, on average, made the majority of it’s posts on Twitter, it saw 5x higher engagement rates on Instagram than any other channel. The 2 channels with the lowest engagement rate, Facebook and Twitter, were also the 2 channels where Gaming pages were posting the most content, reflecting missed opportunities accessing a more responsive audience on Instagram

When we break this Instagram performance down into types of gaming page, there are no real standout sub-sections of the industry who have shifted focus to Instagram, all post on average 2 times over the 3 month period and all have engagement rates on their content higher than the other social media platforms.

Video is a type of content particularly suited to the Gaming industry which sees huge amounts of content created, quicker and easier than in any other area, which is why many Gaming Youtube see multiple original uploads daily with thousands of conversations around each piece of content from their millions of subscribers.

Surprisingly we saw Facebook competing with Youtube in the Gaming Industry for views per video, both delivering above 400k average views for each of the Gaming page’s videos in Q4. This can be explained when we break down the video views by type of gaming page; the individual Youtubers with a Youtube first strategy, like PewDiePie (with 4.6m views per vid average), are engaging a loyal fanbase here, whilst the developers, publishers and consoles are failing to emulate this.

In conclusion, we’ve seen that the entire Gaming Industry is missing an opportunity to unlock the higher engagement it’s currently seeing on Instagram, whilst Developers, Publishers & Consoles should look to create Youtube first content to reach the same lofty heights as some of Youtube’s gaming celebrities.

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