Jan 2017 — Social Index — Alcohol Brands

Our monthly index tracks hundreds of brands across social media, ranking the top performers and explaining why they’re dominating the…

Jan 2017 — Social Index — Alcohol Brands

Our monthly index tracks hundreds of brands across social media, ranking the top performers and explaining why they’re dominating the industry on social

The Factors

Reach — Measures the size of a brand’s social audience, taking into account fans, subscribers & followers across each of the platforms. It takes these relative to competitors within each platform, therefore doesn’t correlate exactly to total fans, but it will show when a brand is killing it on a platform which it’s competitors haven’t been able to crack.

Engagement — Looks at a wide range of engagement metrics, understanding who is interacting with brands & how often. Broadly it shows the brands ability to get it’s audience talking

Growth — Quite simply looks at how the audience has grown in comparison to the previous month giving a gauge of who is moving in the right direction

Content — Looks at who is producing the most content with a heavy bias towards video content

  • Facebook Fans — All pages are tracked across UK, US & generic global pages, therefore fan numbers may be lower in comparison to Facebook due to the regional splits of single brand pages.

Johnny Walker — #1

Johnny Walker moves up to first place in our index with strong fanbase growth and Youtube presence. A January youtube campaign ‘This Land Is Your Land’, which was most successful when subtly combined with a music video from Chicano Batman, saw lots of organic views and engagements and increased the Youtube score 12 points from the previous month.

Patron Tequila — #4

Patron Tequila were the best of our top 10 on Facebook, with a 30k increase in the number of fans and over 200k comments, shares and likes in January. They posted more than once per day with a video every 2 days across their UK & US regions.

Across both regions the content has been created around guiding brand style principles and focussed on expert bartenders, spanning a Siri-like app which recommends cocktail recipes to the #PatronPerfectionists competition, taking expert bartenders from around the world and pitting them against each other in an international event. This provides imagery and video which reinforces the brand’s style & gets the product in the hands of the taste makers. When filmed & used correctly though, it also gives a progressing narrative to build a story on Social Media with a climax, this is exactly how Patron utilised this offline event to get their online audience talking and sharing.

Veuve Clicquot — #8

Veuve Clicquot held the top spot in December’s Index but have since dropped off to 8th position.

Posting activity is consistent across social for Veuve Clicquout, with almost exactly 50 monthly posts on Facebook and Instagram in Jan & Dec. However they saw only 25% December’s engagements on Facebook in January and a 25% drop in engagements on Twitter. This appears to represent a shift in spend from Facebook to Instagram, with a 50% increase in engagements here. However, as other brands also improved across Instagram, their relative position fell across all channels, leading to a fall from the top spot in the December ’16 Alcohol Brands Social Index


Over all the brands analysed we saw Beer brands performing the worst and Wine brands outperforming other types of alcohol. These wine brands general operating with smaller reaches are posting more content, getting much better engagement and seeing vastly higher growth than other forms of alcohol brands online. The main change from December has been a large drop in Spirit’s engagement, as the Christmas push and dry January have affected hard liquor the most. This is reflected in the Alcohol Brand Social Index with December’s top 10 including 3 wine brands whilst January’s included only Veuve Clicquot

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